• Janis Schole

Look But Don't Touch

I think I've mastered how to enjoy delectable foods without letting the calories hurt me... at least when they are in video form, not already made and sitting within arm's reach lol.

Look, don't touch. You've heard of food porn, right? It's harmless unless it drives you to eat, which it does do for some people. Thankfully, it doesn't have that effect on me. Finally, a situation where my laziness pays off. I don't want to go to the effort of making these delicious-looking things. I'm happy just to look at them and access my memory of how they taste. Goodness knows I have a large file of those sensory memories. I let my mind appreciate the beauty and artfulness of it, imagine the taste, feel and smell, and leave it at that. Food can still bring me great pleasure without being harmful. For the most part, experiencing many small and huge rewards of weight loss has slowly squelched the compulsion I used to feel about actually putting these things in my mouth. I am so grateful!

If you know your triggers (and you should make a point of getting to know them), and food videos make you rush to the kitchen, DO NOT watch the following thing of beauty lol.

#lookbutdon'ttouch #foodporn

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