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2018 Accomplishment

Dec. 21, 2018

Here's a 2018 "before and after" from me, illustrating a 72.7 lb. difference between Jan 3, 2018 and today.

In all, since my highest weight ever in Oct., 2016, I have lost 158.2 lbs.. The list of improvements in my quality of life is longer than I ever imagined it would be, including things I had convinced myself weren't even related to my weight (but they were!)

When I first got serious about changing my lifestyle, I had almost no optimism or self confidence. My very modest goal was simply to try and stop gaining weight. I was bitter and resentful that I had to face this and do anything about it, but I knew I couldn't go on denying to myself that I was going to shorten my life significantly! I'm proof that all it takes is the tiniest spark of hope and the smallest of changes and goals, to build momentum and surprising success. Time, combined with any effort at all, is powerful!

Today was the "end weigh-in " for the most recent 3-month session in the Weight Loss Challenge Facebook group I belong to, and we are required to submit pictures of ourselves on the scale (to the group leader only). I also take this opportunity to get some side profile and head-on shots to compare with past and future pictures. It feels so good to see progress!

I appreciate this group so much for keeping me accountable, and I feel great support, which I also try to give. The next session is starting in January, so if any of you would like to join, let me know! The more, the merrier.

Let's have another positive year in 2019; every step in the right direction adds up, and slow is better than going backwards (or, in this case, upwards), so let's be patient and persistent, and we'll get where we want to be! It doesn't happen overnight, but my experience is that time really does fly by.

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