• Janis Schole

A 4-H Judge's Journey

🍀The Meadowview 4-H Multi Club 4-H communications event I was at today was so enjoyable! I loved learning the proper technique for trimming sheep's hooves, as demonstrated on a real sheep hoof (don't ask lol). We were schooled on everything one needs to know about equipment and method for timed cattle roping events (demonstrated by an extremely knowledgeable young girl as she sat on her saddle, atop a saddle stand.) A pair of spunky and smart young girls gave an illustrated talk about the various aspects of competing with agility dogs, and a knowledgeable young man educated us about goalie equipment.All of the 28 4-Her's were quite well-spoken and gave a good effort. I loved hearing about their experiences with their 4-H heifer, their horse, their dog, the projects they made in sewing classes, their adventures with grandparents, their trip to Disney World, the importance of trees, and how to deal with equine parasites, among many other interesting and informative topics. I loved the rural flavor of these young people's experiences and interests!There was a beautiful lunch provided, and all 9 of us judges were presented with attractive "4-H Canada" zip-up notebook/folders, plus a thank-you card signed by all the members.I gained so much personal development through my own 4-H membership, as did all 3 of my kids, that I'm glad to give back when I can.After I finished judging the junior age-level prepared speeches and impromptus 🗣(6 of the cutest young 4-H'ers you ever did see!), and gave the judges comments on behalf of my fellow junior judges, I did a little sight-seeing 👀 and shopping 🛒🛍on the way home.On the route to and from Gardenview's Crossroads Community Center, I drove right past the distillery ⚗ that produces "West of the 5th" brand of flavoured moonshine 🍷. (I had bought some of it at Christmas while at the Butterdome Craft Sale). The place is called Shady Lane Estates, and it looks like it would be an interesting location to tour. 🚐Then, I stopped at the Lac la Nonne General Store, just to check it out. It's been many years since I had been in there, and I found it to be a quaint, well-stocked little place! After enjoying all the cute decorating, and giving myself a heart attack as I came around the corner to see a very life-like butler statue holding a tray of suckers, I indulged in a small butter toffee cappuccino and a Twinkie, plus picked up a charging cord for my phone.Then, I headed home, happy to NOT see a single moose or deer (because there weren't any lol) The only wildlife I saw were 3 ravens, perched up in a tree.When I walked in the door, Alison had just finished making oatmeal muffins, so the house smelled delicious!! She's making a fancy broccoli salad for supper, so that means I can have an extra mini-muffin, right? Lol 🧁🧁

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