• Janis Schole

A Busy Day, But A Good Day

I'm proud of myself so far today! Oh, how I love that feeling, and it happens pretty regularly now 😁First, I FINALLY did the 4 ankle exercises that Jeff from Primary Care Network gave me to do several months ago. It really didn't take very long - I don't know why I've been so resistant to starting, but it was a pleasant surprise and it feels so good to finally start!Then, I went to aquafit class, and although I wrecked my 3-day record of being early or on time everywhere I've gone, I have Keith for my scapegoat today. He was my driver and he took a phone call right when we should have been going out the door this morning. "Better late than not getting there at all," has always been my philosophy, and I still stand by that.There are so many nice people in aquafit, and it's always such a great social outing. I enjoy seeing all the familiar faces and chatting with friends I don't usually run into otherwise.Right after class, I hurried over to the Canadian Tractor Museum for Walk and Talk with Jeff, and had an invigorating walk, plus some good squatting practice.As always, I learned some helpful information from Jeff.When you lose weight, you create what's called a "calorie gap" and your body no longer requires as many calories just to maintain the status quo. In order to lose more weight, you have to either continue to lower your calorie intake, increase your exercise, or some of both.In general, for every one pound, you burn 8 calories per day to maintain it, just lying in bed all day. This is called your basal metabolic rate.It's figured out using a system called the Mifflin-St. Jeor metabolic rate calculator, which takes into account your age, gender, starting weight and current weight.For me, when I was at my highest weight at 387.3 lbs, my body required 2,382 calories just to maintain that weight if I was lying in bed all day. Now that I weigh 185.8 lbs, I only burn 1,423 calories doing nothing. That's a calorie gap of 959 calories that my body's metabolic rate has changed, based on my overall body size. Interesting stuff!Here's a link, in case you want to figure out your own basal metabolic rate, based on your own current weight... Walk and Talk was over, several of us, plus a large number of people from aquafit, met for lunch at the new restauraunt in town, the Hillbilly Gourmet Grill, located in the Westlock Hotel's old "The Rose" restauraunt.I had the grilled chicken mushroom and swiss burger with coleslaw and lettuce salad, and took half of it home for supper. The taste and portion size was excellent! Afterward, the owner came over to ask for our feedback and we had a nice chat. He's a really personable fellow!So, that's been my day so far!Btw, last night, Alison and I were out doing something exciting (to be made public at a later date lol) and before heading back home, we visited the new Dairy Queen in Westlock FOR THE FIRST TIME!We went through the drive-through for supper, and had grilled chicken snack wraps, plus the diet-friendly dessert items that many may not be aware are available. DQ has low-calorie icecream bars that are fat free and sweetened with artificial sweeteners.Someone had previously told me that such a thing existed, so I asked for it, but the girl who was serving us was completely unaware of it and had to ask her manager, who then showed her that they had 2 options - a fudge bar and a vanilla and orange swirl bar.Neither the girl, nor her manager, were able to tell me the calories per bar, however, and gave me a nutritional pamphlet on "all" DQ products instead. When I later looked through it, I couldn't find any listing for either of these bars, so I looked online and learned that the vanilla and orange one is 60 calories and the fudge one is even less, at 50 calories.I traded Alison a bite of mine for a bite of hers, and I thought both were pretty good! ...not as exciting as a sundae, by any means, but a nice treat as a compromise, and I don't feel even a little bit guilty.The chicken snack wraps we had were 270 calories and 15 g of protein.

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