• Janis Schole

Asparagus is Amazing

While at a friend's recently, I discovered that I LOVE asparagus! I guess I had never really had it before, and if I did, I seem to remember it being soggy.In any case, when cooked properly, it's so crisp and delicious! I bought some yesterday and before I baked it with parmesan and garlic tonight, I ate a couple of spears raw. Those were excellent, too!I also finally got around to trying a superb tuna salad recipe tonight. I've made chicken salad quite a few times, but never tuna, and my friend, Heather, is always talking about hers that she puts in a wrap and takes with her for lunch when she's away from home, so I've been wanting to try it for a while.Since I couldn't remember everything Heather said she puts in hers, I looked up a recipe online that sounded good, and went for it.It was extremely tasty, fresh, crispy and low calorie (like the asparagus). I didn't have any pickle relish to put in, so I just chopped up some pickles instead.I'll share the detailed recipe seperately.

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