• Janis Schole

Beauty In The Messiness

Life is beautiful, but it's also simultaneously a battle. It's a razor's edge and the effort it takes to try staying elevated on that edge is the ongoing act of living. Often, I find myself on either side, clambering to climb back up.

We all have our various weaknesses, and those are always there taunting us. It can be gluttony (food), alcohol consumption, smoking or drug use, among countless other vices - but these temptations require that we continually take account of our thoughts and actions for optimal success in managing them.

We're not perfect, and accepting that fact is freeing. As long as we commit to fighting the good fight, doing our best, and looking for the positive, we are succeeding.

Success is not perfection. Success is progress. Seeking out things like encouragement, inspiration and knowledge, leads to improvement, gratitude, pride, and hope. There is so much beauty in all of those things.

Life would be boring if it weren't for the battle. Let's find beauty in the messiness. 🦋

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