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Boosting The Ginger

Attention, all my redheaded friends who dye their hair:What is your favorite shampoo/conditioner for maintaining the vibrancy of your color as long as possible between touch-ups at the salon?I was using the John Frieda "radiant red" tubes at first, but now I'm trying the "Zotos" stuff ("riveting red") in the bottles (which I found on a good sale at Sally's in Mayfield Common - it was "buy one, get one half price," on top of the already sale price).At the advice of my fabulous hairdresser, Debbie, I'm leaving it sit in my hair for 10 minutes before rinsing it out, in hopes that it'll make more of a difference.I also always wear a bathing cap when I go swimming.Apparently, red is the hardest hair color to keep bright, as it has a tendency to fade out quicker than others. I just love it, though!with Debbie Gregoire

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