• Janis Schole

City Shopping Highlights

Here are the things I bought yesterday.(Oops, edited to add a few more things that I forgot about in other tiny metal birdhouse was obviously made for my new, tiny, cute baby Boston fern, so I HAD to have it!This log-look candle holder reminded me of some expensive wood planters that I loved in Salisbury, so it had to come home with me.I was starting to run low on flavoured coffee choices at home, so picked up a few new and exciting ones I found in Winners.The plants are the cutest thing I've ever seen (almost) lol.The ceramic slow cooker liner with lid is a back-up, because my other one has a fine crack in it that could lead to leaking at any time.The glass cloche will make a fine plant terrarium, but it originally came with a beautiful matching bottom, which I accidentally dropped and smashed, right after paying for it... so, that was disappointing.The smaller glass terrarium is brand new-looking and cute, I thought.The photo albums came with a collection of 35 postcards from Banff and Lake Louise.The silicone steamer can be used to cook vegetables, rice or even bacon in the microwave.My favorite item of all is the antique-look wire-with-burlap planter.It may not look like it, but I was using great self control in my shopping, as there were so many lovely things! I'm going to call the day a win. 🤷‍♀️


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