• Janis Schole

Driven Thinking vs Instant Gratification

I've been thinking today, about how my mind works when I'm feeling really driven to lose weight, as opposed to when I'm struggling to behave in my eating decisions.

You know what? I think it boils down to deciding: "What do I want more in this moment? The many, many long-term benefits of weight loss, or the instant gratification of a particular food (or amount).

That food will always be there. I can always have some down the road, when I've reached my goal. But right now, it will only hold me back and ultimately make me feel badly about myself.

Delayed gratification is a skill that can be practiced. When I'm really focused on making progress and feeling proud of myself, it's much easier to dwell on how far I've come, how much closer I'm getting to my goal, how I'm being a good example to others, and how much my quality of life has improved... than simply feeling sorry for myself about some treat I'm missing out on right now.

I've noticed, through this weight loss journey, that my thoughts have shifted and broadened so incredibly much - from just living in the moment, to looking at the big picture.

There is so much more in life than food! When we lift our eyes and mind away from our obsession with food, we realize how rich in experiences our world can be. The less we think about food, the less power it has over us. We become more "well-rounded," too, but NOT in the physical shape way 🤣😂... we develop more interests, increased knowledge, more confidence, and new opportunities open up to us!

It has also helped me incredibly to help others! When you focus more on others, you're spending less time thinking about your own selfish desires.

We use food as a way to self-medicate our moods, but there are so many healthy ways to solve those emotional issues instead. Food is the easy but dangerous way out, and it only temporarily masks the problem, while in actuality, adding to it!

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