• Janis Schole

Fast Train To Nowhere

What's the fastest way to go off the rails? Get progressively more sloppy on food journaling, until you slip back into old habits and stop writing anything down at all.I stopped being diligent about recording calories and protein on Jan 24. I dislike when I eat foods that don't have easy nutritional info. available and I have to estimate. It takes extra effort and makes my brain work harder.This would not be the end of the world if I at least kept recording the food and amount, even without the calorie estimate. At least I couldn't pretend that it didn't happen.The minute you stop writing down details about what you eat, your brain plays this evil little trick of allowing you to completely forget what you ate and how much. If you can't remember the calories entering your body, and there's no record/proof of it anywhere, you are no longer accountable to yourself. You mentally minimize the likelihood of gaining weight, and feel more free to eat more a little while later!My spiral downwards was gradual. Between Jan 24 and Feb 1, I went through the motions of still recording, but not thoroughly. From Feb. 1 to 9th, I wrote absolutely nothing down about what I was eating. I think it's safe to say that those days were probably sprinkled with plenty of unhealthy choices and proportions... especially since my weight during this period went from 188.6 lbs to 197.2 lbs.Starting on Monday, Feb 10., I started trying to get back on the wagon, and began writing down just the basics again. Today, I actually figured out the calories and protein. I'm feeling good about that!Since I woke up today feeling sicker than ever, I haven't had any appetite, so I didn't consume much food. I'm happy about that, too. Sometimes, getting sick helps us kickstart ourselves and gets the good habits and weight loss happening again.Here are all of the food journal pages I hadn't shared yet, in case anyone wants to see what I've been up to lol. It feels good to finally do this and be so accountable to you!I hope tomorrow goes as well as today did. 🙏🤞

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