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Five Week Progress Report

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

Nov. 8, 2018

It has been 5 weeks since my weight loss and gall bladder surgery. I feel great and am thrilled with how little food it takes to feel full (usually no more than a cup total per meal). Other than the time I ate some chicken before I was supposed to be eating solids yet, I have not thrown up or felt nauseated by any of the foods I've tried.

I started out doing a great job of tracking my protein and water intake, but then got lazy for a couple of weeks. Fortunately, I had an appointment with my Weight Wise nurse and dietician a couple days ago, and they reinforced how important it is, so I've smartened up. The other thing they inspired me to do, is try again to get in the habit of journaling my food on MyFitnessPal, instead of paper journaling, like I have been. I've given it an honest effort the last couple of days, and it really is a lot easier and more automatic to access detailed info, plus analyze my progress! I don't know why I've been so resistant to sticking with it in the past, but I think I'm over that now.

I've gone to lane swimming twice now, and am loving it more than ever. In everything I do, I feel so much stronger... but when I think about it, I believe I was always strong - I just had a lot more pounds to carry, so I felt weak. I feel so much better and healthier now - more stamina than before, for sure.

I've been given nothing but support, compliments and encouragement from everyone I know, but not everyone gets that, unfortunately. I came across the following on a bariatric support page I belong to, and thought I'd share because it's written so well:

"Dear friend I haven’t seen in awhile. It was great to see you. It would have been nice if you had acknowledged my 110 pound weight loss. I saw the look that crossed your face upon meeting up with me. That look of disapproval. The look that silently said “she took the easy way out”. Let me tell you it isn’t easy. Not one bit of it. It is work that I do every single day. Menu’s, shopping, prepping and preparing my food, exercising and tracking. I can only imagine that in the last few years every time we’ve run into each other you’ve thought “She’s gained a lot of weight” “How can someone let themselves go”. No one knows the struggle that dealing with weight gain more than I do. The triumph of losing a few pounds to only gain them back along with a few extra. The feeling of anxiety going out in public and being criticized. A year ago, I could barely walk. I couldn’t go in a store, go for a walk, play with my grandchildren and could barely sing any longer due to shortness of breath. If I had died a year ago I can imagine you all attending the funeral saying “she could have prevented this by losing the weight” “isn’t it a shame she got so heavy” You would show up then. I’m asking you to be present NOW! To be supportive of me now. Yes, I took the surgical route. If I was battling cardiac disease or cancer, you would expect me to seek medical help. I chose a gastric sleeve surgery to save my life! To prevent me from becoming diabetic, having heart disease or a stroke and to live long enough to enjoy the blessings of my family. On second thought, it doesn’t really matter what you think of me does it? I am what matters to me. My health, my life, my happiness. And next time we cross paths??? I hope to be another 75 lighter and still smiling!"

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