• Janis Schole

Friends of a Feather Flock Together

I had a friend come for a visit yesterday, and she brought me a lovely gift for absolutely no reason. Kind, thoughtful people like her are treasures in this world!I'm looking forward to making the split pea soup (ready-to-go ingredients in the jar) and trying the dessert recipe she gave me for "raspberry fat bombs."We had a great visit, sharing our victories and struggles, and proudly reporting our kids' latest adventures to each other.Shirley Williams and I first met when we both worked at the Barrhead Leader close to 38 years ago! We have many things in common, and I'm so glad we've maintained our friendship over the years. Whether it's dealing with life's challenges, or enjoying the rewards, having empathetic friends to talk to is a game changer.Both Shirley and I are working on our own blogsites and will be each other's biggest promoters, I'm sure, once we finally get them launched! Lol

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