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Thank Goodness For Goals

April 3, 2019

Whew! That was a nail-biter...

Today is the final weigh-in for the weight loss challenge group I belong to, which runs in 3-month sessions. Participants are encouraged to submit their weights weekly to the leader, which I did faithfully. Although I lost weight slowly, it was "touch and go" whether I was going to meet the goal I had set for myself.

I step on the scale AFTER getting dressed EVERY morning, as to keep my eating choices at top of mind for the day. Some people get too frustrated and discouraged to weigh themselves daily because sometimes the scale doesn't give you the news you think you've earned and deserve. It can be simply because you ate some salty soup broth the day before, or a variety of other reasons that are out of your control. While I'm disappointed, I don't obsess about the number, and try to take it in stride, since being realistic about how finicky your body is takes the pressure off of you.

Weighing daily works best for me because I don't ever want to let myself slip back into a state of ignoring the consequences of my eating choices, or living in denial of the problem. It keeps me honest with myself every single day. It also motivates me to keep a good routine - I'm so curious as to what my weight is doing that, once I wake up, I'm eager to get dressed so I can get on the scale and find out. Suspense is good lol.

Ever since my Oct. 3 surgery, my weight loss has been quite slow, and in fits and spurts. The plateaus have been numerous, and although frustrating, they were cause for much excitement everytime I got past one.

Three weeks ago, I gave myself a mini-heart attack though, when I actually DID THE MATH on how much I still needed to lose in order to meet the goal I had set for myself for this session. It was suddenly clear that I was well-behind schedule, and if I didn't want to lose my $50 registration fee, I was going to need to really buckle down, get serious and make up for lost time. When I first set my goal, I tried to be as realistic as possible, which is hard because you don't want it to be too easy, but you don't want to fail, either - that's hard on the self-esteem! Deciding on just how much of a challenge you can handle is such a hard judgement call.

In the previous session, I failed to meet my 30 lb goal, losing only 6.5 lbs.. It was my first session after my gastric sleeve surgery, and I thought/hoped it was going to be "easier" to lose 10 lbs a month, as a result. That was certainly wrong.

This time, I started out with aiming to lose only 7.2 lbs for the 3 months. Thankfully, I reached that loss very early on, so I re-grouped and increased the goal to 22.2 lbs. total. It seemed challenging, but also realistic, however it is extremely easy to let the weeks slip by without taking stock of how much you needed to lose EACH week to stay on track to your goal. Hence, the mini-heart attack lol. I calculated that I needed loose 3.7 lbs each week for the next 3 weeks in a row, and I certainly had not been achieving that for the previous 5 months, so I wasn't sure I could do it!

Thank goodness, I had that rude awakening, and thank goodness for 3 weeks being long enough for it to not seem completely impossible, as it would have been a tragedy to give up. I was worried, but not without hope. Thank goodness for this group and for goal setting!

I'm proud to say (publicly, for the first time, I might add), that I started out this session weighing 242.2 lbs, and I ended it today, weighing 219.8 lbs, for a total loss of 20.4 lbs in 3 months. Yippee!

On another note, I used to have to weigh myself at the health unit because my home scale didn't go high enough ☹ It was freeing 🦅when I could finally do it in the comfort and convenience of my own home, and that's when I could start doing it daily. I had developed a great relationship with the girls who work in the health unit, as they were always so encouraging and supportive, even being willing to take my pictures for the start and end weigh-ins. They expressed admiration for my progress and told me they looked forward to my visits, to find out how I was doing. I went there yesterday to ask if they could send an Alberta Health fax for me, and they said they had been missing me! <INSERT WARM FUZZIES HERE> I've realized that they have become part of my story! I don't even know any of their actual names, but I plan to ask, because like all of you, they have played an integral part of my success. It truly takes a village to help someone reach their goals. Kindness is powerful. Thank you to everyone for theirs 💗

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