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Hello One-derland!

Today is a big milestone day for me! I'm so happy and proud of myself!Starting weight (Oct. 6, 2016) - 397.3 lbs and a BMI of 68.2 Surgery weight (Oct 3, 2018) - 245.1 lbs Current weight - 199.4 lbs and a BMI of 34.2 Currently down 197.9 lbs and 34 BMI points Goal weight - 145 lbsClothes Sizing Tops size has gone from 4x, down to medium Pants size has gone from 28, down to 16I'm only 0.75 lbs away from weighing half of what I started at (198.65 lbs)

  1. +2 🎉🎊🎉199.4 lbs!!!! 🎉🎊🎉Goodbye 200's, I never want to see you again. I'm looking forward to many new adventures in the 100's! I'm fortunate Alison will loan me her horse, and a friend recently invited me to go kayaking with her. Life is getting more and more fun, I tell you!I got here by starting with tiny, almost insignificant goals, then slowly building confidence and momentum through steady, consistent healthier choices. I stopped expecting perfection of myself, too.

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