• Janis Schole

If You're Not Trying, You ARE Failing

March, 2018

I have exciting news! (Well, to me, anyway lol) After a lifetime of thinking I was overweight, and slowly but surely, creating the self-fulfilling prophecy of actually becoming progressively more overweight with every year (until I reached super-morbidly obese status), I've finally turned the tides. Not only did I stop gaining, I reached a major milestone that I've never before accomplished.

According to my records, I've lost 100 lbs in one year, and I must say, IT FEELS GREAT!! Previously, the most weight I ever lost was 42 pounds (over a year's time) and prior to that, 30 pounds over 2 years. Of course, both times, I eventually gained it all back plus much more. It has taken a lot of time and persistence, but it appears I'm getting better at this losing weight thing lol. Building confidence and believing in myself has been a very slow process. For a long time, I didn't even try because I didn't want to feel the "inevitable" self-loathing that would result when I failed. But I now know, if you're not trying, you are failing for sure, and there really is no hope! I have a lot more to lose yet, but I'm feeling confident that I can keep it going, and I have a plan to help avoid ever gaining it all back. I hope I can be an inspiration to others - that is only one of the many rewards that weight loss offers! ❤

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