• Janis Schole

Just Call Me Pin Cushion

Oct. 4, 2018

Here's another tidbit of news for you. I have 7 tiny punctures in my arms and hands because that's how many tries it took to get the IV inserted. You see, I have ridiculously small veins and the task is always left to the anesthesiologist's expertise. The poor man was beside himself with embarrassment that it took him so many attempts.

I also have 8 tiny incisions on my tum-tum, as those were needed to do the robotic (laparoscopic) surgery. Those holes are also from where they removed my gall bladder (full of stones), and the part of my stomach that they cut off (sorry to be so graphic lol) They used all of the same spots that were used for my hysterectomy, plus a couple more, i think, but a can't remember. There are also 2 spots from before that they didn't need this time.

I'm amazed by how well I feel, having had all that done. I would say that I have a little more "stiffness" around my abdomen than I had for my June 28 ysterectomy (and that was a piece of cake!) but still no real pain. I attribute it to great doctors and nurses, wonderful medical technology, and apparently, I pretty good at this surgery thing! Haha.

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