• Janis Schole

Linen Closet Makeover

Just now, I went to put away some freshly laundered and folded tea towels, and I must agree with Alison's text from the other day.She was home sick with a cold, and I was out and about somewhere. Her thoughtful comment about my recent tidying/sorting effort made my day! 🥰It really is nice to open that linen closet door and be able to find what you're looking for quickly and easily... or put things away without having to mess up your folding by forcing it in because there's no room. This is true self care. It just gave me a great mental health boost!On another note, I remember being a child, and climbing right into the bottom shelf and sitting sideways with my whole body inside the closet. Obviously, my mom kept even less on that shelf than I do hahaha. Oh wait! I just remembered... that's where she used to store the built-in vacuum hose, so when she was vacuuming, the shelf was totally empty and a perfect hidey-hole for me! LolNow, I'm going to do one more organizing/culling session so I can keep my nhose in there, too! I might even see how much of me I can fit inside first, but I'll need supervision, 'cause I'll probably get stuck hahaha. Maybe the "happy baby" yoga pose will work" lolol

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