• Janis Schole

Moose Are Formidable Obstacles

Well, in the daylight, we can see that our car took more of a beating than we thought 😥🤑Thankfully, it's still very driveable, but not pretty at all. There are broken pieces, dents, scratches and scrapes in A LOT of places! The damage starts at the grill/front end, including the hood, windshield, driver's side fender, roof, driver's side rear view mirror, back fender and ends with a big scratch on the trunk - I think his antlers must have left that, as well as the one on the roof.Fortunately, and amazingly, all of the lights were left unscathed and working. It's not really affordable to fix everything, so I think we should just replace the windshield and drive it as is. Keith doesn't know what he thinks yet.We picked up the loose pieces that were strewn on the road, but there's both moose hair and blood spatter left behind on the car. It amazes me that moose are so tough. You'd think that this one would have had a broken leg or two, at the very least. He was already gone by the time we gathered ourselves.I hit a cow moose with Kyle as my passenger, in about April of 2008 or 2009, while coming home from an Edmonton Science Fair meeting. That time, we were only a couple of miles south of home, also on the 5th Meridian (last night's was 5 miles north). We were able to drive home from that incident, too, and after replacing the windshield, continued to use our dented car. The moose ran off and jumped a fence on the edge of the bush that time, too.Close calls like these are wake-up calls and will ensure that I and many others will be as careful and observant as possible when out on the roads. Slowing down is always better and safer - it's shocking how little reaction time you really get and you don't want to go into a skid and roll your vehicle, either - that is yet another way to die. 😳😫☠⚰

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