• Janis Schole

Mother-daughter Yoga Was Fun

Alison Schole joined me tonight for yoga in Busby - it was her first time, and my third.We both enjoyed it and appreciated that we could "approach our practice with no judgement or criticism and do whatever movement feels right for us in this moment." Setting our "intentions" for the class was to be done solely based on how we were feeling.That takes the pressure off, as it's all very individual and different for everyone lol. Yoga is a relaxing exercise, full of self-awareness, stretching/flexibility, balancing, strength-building, and relaxation/meditation.I used the wall for support on some of the poses, as my balance isn't yet good enough, and I adapted a few of them as necessary, to suit my current abilities. However, I feel like I've already seen signs of improvement since my first class.I'm glad Alison came and got something out of it, too. She found it very relaxing. Hopefully, I'll get her back to it again in the future!

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