• Janis Schole

Neerlandia Co-op and Other Shopping

I had such a fun day today and took soooo many pictures of all the things that I loved.Keith and I had a tasty brunch at Neerlandia Co-op and while doing so, we enjoyed the beautiful decorating in their restauraunt. The booths are huge and no doubt spacious enough for large Dutch families. Everything is done in gorgeous woods.The historic photographs of local people on the walls are supplemented by a beautiful sign of The Lord's Prayer, and it's the first thing you notice as you come through the door. So. Nice. To. See. This community has a strong Christian faith and it shows in the people and the businesses they operate.I bought some groceries after we finished eating, plus looked around the giftware section. There were many tempting treats, half-price roses, some cool Dutch products, and a refreshingly wholesome selection of family-friendly books in the grocery store.I bought one for reading to Keith's mom and I'm looking forward to enjoying it together. "Gettin' Old Ain't For Wimps" looks like it will be good, and very relatable for a 92-year-old.I also asked the clerk why they didn't have any books by the successful local Christian romance author, Carolyne Aarsen, since she is from the community and all. The clerk said she knew that they'd had them before, but that I made a very good point and she would get right on that! It was surely just an oversight, and she thanked me very much for bringing this to her attention.There were so many beautiful home decor items that I wanted, but managed to limit myself to just one gorgeous plant shelf that's shaped like a church window (okay, okay, that's all I could get Keith to approve haha). There was a bigger one and a smaller one, so went for the gusto, and bought the bigger one.We headed back to Barrhead, where we picked up our car that had been having a new windshield installed. (We also got a nice, used grill, rear-view mirror, and fender at Barthead Auto Parts yesterday when we left the car at Barrhead Glass.)At this point, Keith and I parted ways. He went home and I was going to check out the dollar store and thrift store, plus pick up some asparagus at the IGA... however I noticed a sale sign across the street at furniture store I had never been in before, so I went there first. WELL. Was THAT ever fun! What a great place!!I took many pictures and found a few treasures to purchase (very good value!). I'll share all those pictures seperately... maybe not until later tomorrow! I have content overload at the moment 🤣😂 I never did end up going to the dollar store or thrift store, but found a gorgeous "African painted mask" plant at the IGA and many other temptations that I resisted haha.When you see all my pictures, you will see how strong I was in resisting the urge to spend waaay more money than the small amount that I did.

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