• Janis Schole

Only 2 lbs Away

Yesterday, Alison and I had a good workout in the Barrhead Pool's lazy river. This morning, I was tickled to see that I have only 2 more pounds to go before FINALLY reaching my "210 lbs lost" milestone! I'm going to get there this time - I can feel it!!First pedicure ever, here I come - soon! Lol I'm already considering what my next non-food reward will be haha (for the 220 lb mark) I'm thinking about maybe getting a second ear piercing done - then I could make better use of my many sets of earrings! Does anyone know what it costs to have your ears pierced these days?Today was a fun city shopping day with Alison! Got my nails done (Valentine's Day theme), bought some plant shelves, some new flavoured coffees, ran into an old friend and had a nice catch-up chat, ate sensibly and enjoyed taking pictures of many of the neat, inspiring decor products I saw.



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