• Janis Schole

Pamper Your Nose

Public service announcement:If you have a cold 之and you need to constantly blow/wipe your nose, you need to invest in the luxury product of "tissues with lotion." Trust me on this!I recently discovered a friend who wasn't aware that these exist, and consequently, she's never tried them.Oh. My. Goodness. This product is the best friend of a raw, red, cracked, peeling, flakey, stuffed-up nose. Unlike regular tissues, they do not behave like sandpaper when your nose is under duress. They are soft and soothing. You can really tell there's lotion in them because they caress your poor, agitated sniffer/schnoz.Friends don't let friends suffer through a cold without making sure they know about these babies. They may be a small comfort, but at a time like this, I'm looking for all the comfort I can get!

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