• Janis Schole

Pound and Pour Was Fun!

Consistent with my efforts to try new things and get more exercise🏃‍♀️, I had a fun, new experience on Sunday afternoon. I figured I'd enjoy it, and I was right!Along with a large group of women of wide-ranging ages, I attended a class in Busby Hall that could have been called 🥁 "drum and sweat," 🥵 but instead, was wisely named "Pound and Pour" lol. The latter is much more catchy and appealing than my version hahaAt first, I thought the "pour" part of the name was relating to sweat pouring off us, but in actuality (even though I did perspire) I now realize it was really in reference to one of the organizers "pouring" us nutritional refreshments and treats to sample after our workout was done.Kara Rimmer was the instructor for the exercise portion of the event, and Kerri Wiegand later gave an informative presentation about Juice Plus+. We were able to sample all the various food and drink products the company offers, and they all tasted great!According to Kara's "Pound with Kara" Facebook page, "Pound is a cardio jam session inspired by the infectious, energizing, and sweat-dripping 💦😰fun 😁 of playing the drums 🥁.This exhilarating, full-body 🦵💪 work out combines cardio, conditioning, and strength training with 🧘‍♀️yoga-and-Pilates-inspired movement."The invigorating 45 minute 🕤 workout was set to a diverse variety of music 🎼🎶 and was suitable for all levels of fitness, since you could adapt it to suit. It could even be done from a 💺♿chair, if necessary.We were provided with plastic drumsticks and worked while sitting or standing on our yoga 🧘‍♀️mats. We drummed on the floor, and by hitting our drumsticks together... there were no actual drums involved lolAlthough I wasn't overly coordinated with following along as Kara lead us in various rhythmic drumming patterns, I loved it, just the same.It was therapeutic and fun to express my emotions through the act of drumming. Whether it's happiness or frustration, drumming is an appropriate expression of such lol.It reminded me a little bit of aquafit class, when I fumble in my attempts to follow along with the changing movements, but like aquafit, I'm sure I'd get better with practice. Both activities allow me to enjoy the music while moving my body.The thing I like the most about the drumming, is how it took my focus off working my various body parts, and kept my thoughts focused squarely on trying to keep the rhythm. It felt more like making music than it did exercise, although the sweat was a clue there was both hahaI'm glad I went, and I'm going to try to go to the next class that's being planned for Pickardville in March. I wish it would be either later in the afternoon, or on a different day than Sunday though, as I'd prefer to not have to miss church.I highly recommend trying Pound and Pour if you haven't yet. I liked it a lot!


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