• Janis Schole

Progressively Longer Intervals

In our morning check-in and weight accountability chat today, Heather told me she had a "great over-eating day" yesterday. "Back on the wagon today, again," she said.

My response was as follows:

"Oops lol, but now you'll be good again, as you've gotten it out of your system for a while. The key is to make the intervals last longer and longer!

I'm 187.6 today. Only 0.3 away from my current goal. Annoying and hard to be patient, but I'm still feeling really strong and committed. I need to take some Restoralax, as I'm pretty sure I'd be below goal if I wasn't constipated.

May we both have a day we can be proud of!"

Also, I'm learning and appreciating that the longer I stay this close to my goal, the less of a pendulum swing habit I'm in... that has been my problem for the past 2 months. Everytime I got within a pound of two of my goal, I'd fall off the wagon, go on a food bender, and jump up a few pounds... in fact, getting as far as 10 pounds away from it again.

What a waste of time... but apparently a necessary process and a time needed for my mind and body to fight this fight, overcome this obstacle, and adjust to a new set point through stubborn persistence. No one ever said it would be smooth or easy. But they did say, if you keep trying, you'll get there eventually. With only 0.3 to lose, and the likelihood that constipation is contributing to this struggle, I feel like I'm basically there. I intend to make it last this time and start looking ahead to the next realistic 10 lb increment goal.

Stay tuned for my impending 210-lb lost milestone announcement. Really, this time! Lol

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