• Janis Schole

The Straight Goods - There's No Magic Fairies

July 6, 2018

Friday's pep talk: There isn’t some magic fairy that delivers’s called "hustle." Sadly, this applies to weight loss as much as anything else in life.

I've been learning that successful weight loss starts with deciding that YOU ARE WORTH THE EFFORT, AND YOU ACTUALLY ARE CAPABLE OF THIS.

You have to make an unwavering decision, followed by gruelling dedication, patience, and a good dose of knowing what's realistic for being an imperfect human who refuses to give up. Throw perfectionism out the window and stop making excuses for making bad choices. Stop procrastinating.

If you truly want to lose weight, you actually do have to adopt a new way of living/thinking, and this is BIG... STOP making food into something it isn't! It can fill a physical hunger but using it to fill an emotional void has been, and will continue to be extremely counter-productive.

FOOD is FUEL. That's it. It's not my friend, it's not supposed to make me feel better, or take away boredom, or comfort me when I'm sad. It's FUEL. Period.

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