• Janis Schole

Zuchinni Loaf French Toast To Die For

Alison Schole just made us supper... Oh, my goodness!!! Talk about delicious!!!It was homemade zucchini 🥒🍞loaf slices, cooked again in French toast batter, topped with plain Greek yogurt, strawberries🍓 and blueberries.🔵The dish was inspired by Alison having eaten it at Cora's restaurant. I had never had it before, but let me tell you... now, I'm hooked! For those of you who don't have Alison to make it for you, I guess you could head over to Cora's and try it, but I don't think it could possibly be as good as Ali's LOL It's perfect in every way! What a treat! 😍

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